Dothan Regional Airport Parking Costs

Dothan Regional Airport Parking Costs

Dothan Regional Parking Costs: Parking at the DHN can be free and goes up to $9 / day. Infographic below explains different parking rates based on where you park and duration of parking at DHN airport. You can choose to park for a day, short term parking to extended (Long – term) parking.

There are parking slots and structures within airport terminals, off-airport parking companies and premier garages available for different cost within 2 miles of the DHN airport and offers various amenities such as free Shuttle service 24/7. You can choose from covered parking, valet parking, rooftop parking and EV plus covered parking in different locations.

You can choose to pay by Credit or debit card after checking updated posted rates at the entrance, fee includes Dothan Parking Tax.

Dothan Regional Airport Parking Charges

Hourly / Short-term Parking
1For 0-15 minutes Free
2.For 16-30 minutes 1 $
3.For Each additional ½ hour $1.00
4.Daily Parking CostsMax $9.00
5.Weekly Rate $54.00
RemarksCash, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express Accepted

Private Parking Companies Near Dothan (DHN) Airport

Listed are best off-airport parking options at DHN. You can compare best rates from all of these and many more on, There are many private parking companies and Garage located close by the airport, free shuttle service is available 24/7 to make it convenient and hassle free for travelers, you can get guaranteed parking spots booked in advance and for way cheaper price compared to airport parking. You can choose to park short term or long term based on your requirement which might not be an option at Dothan Regional Airport Parking Costs.

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Dothan Regional Airport Parking Costs

These off-airport parking facilities in DHN offer first class experience, most of them offer valet parking, covered and uncovered parking. Most of the off-airport parking are now adding electric vehicle chargers for making it more attractive and cost effective options for Electric car owners.

Dothan Regional Hotel Parking & Shuttle Service

Dothan Airport hotel parking is getting quite known for travelers, people are choosing to park, stay and fly options considering early morning or red eye flights, I guess. Now, you can stay in a close by hotel to the airport overnight and fly the next day early morning, this also offers parking space at the hotel and free shuttle service to the airport.

You can even choose to just park and pay if you don’t want to book a room. has every parking option listed, you just need to enter search parameters in the above search box and hit search. We will list all private and hotel parking options for Dothan and very cheap Dothan Regional Airport Parking Costs/ rates for you to choose and book.

This is a very attractive option and saves you money, time and takes away the stress of missing your flight while you are stuck driving and searching for parking lots at the airport and your flight is about to take off in an hour.

List of hotels offering Park and fly option near DHN airport

  • Dothan Regional Parking.
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Dothan Downtown Hotel.
  • Sleep Inn & Suites Dothan North.
  • Hilton Garden Inn & Suites Dothan.

Dothan (DHN) Parking Spot Coupon & Discounts

 There is no need for parking coupons at Dothan International Airport.  So you just have to search the best Dothan Regional Airport Parking Costs/ prices online. We provide best prices for Dothan Regional parking. You just search and book your slots as per your vehicle requirement. 

Electric Vehicle Parking at DHN Airport

Dothan Regional is a green airport of the country. DHN Airport Authority is providing electric vehicle charging stations in the parking locations. These electric charging stations help the environment by not producing harmful greenhouse gases.

DHN Airport

DHN Airport is one of the important airports of the region. Dothan Airport has proper facilities for vehicle parking. Airport Parking Costs Dothan (DHN) are easily accessible here. The best rated Dothan parking options provided. The traveler wants to stay  in Dothan due to his journey or some other reasons. I will find better options for airport parking costs. 

Airlines At DHN Airport

There are many airlines operating from DHN airport with most number of flights operated by American Airlines. You can find airline terminal locations from the map below and you can download it for your reference as well. To book cheaper deals on flight you can check Bargainairticket, Skyscanner, kayak and other travel search engines for the best deals.

Dothan Regional Airport Parking FAQs

Where can I park for free in DHN?

If you are there to pick up someone you can park for free at DHN for fifteen minutes.

How much does it cost to park at DHN?

You can expect to pay $1 per half hour to $9 maximum per day. 

Can I leave my car at the DHN airport for a week?

Yes, you can pay $54 for the week.

Where can I park my car at DHN?

You can park at Dothan Central Terminal area (CTA) or Economy Lot or choose to park with private parking companies located within 2 miles of the airport.

What is economy parking at an airport?

$4 per hour to $12 max per day at Economy lot E subject to availability.

How much does it cost to park at DHN per day?


Is there a cell phone waiting lot at DHN airport ?


Is there any special event parking available at DHN airport ?

Yes, available on a limited basis.

Is there any parking for oversize vehicles or for delivery vendors at DHN airport ?

Yes, there is vendor parking permit available for oversized vehicles at Dothan airport. If you are a DHN vendor with an oversized vehicle or DHN concession vendor you can apply for the same.

Is there Special parking available for DHN airport employees at the airport ?

Yes, employee parking is available.